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Hope for GI Patients Through a Blend of Traditional and Alternative Therapies

When it comes to health, many people fall on opposite sides of the spectrum of modern medical practices versus alternative therapies. This is a long-standing debate not just between health professionals but also ordinary people who are seeking help for their various ailments, particularly when dealing with issues related to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. There is rarely a good “middle ground” where these two worlds meet to bring effective treatment options from which a patient can benefit. That is until you walk into Dr. Fulmes Health Institute, where Dr. Fulmes found a way to integrate the best of modern medical treatments and alternative therapies into comprehensive solutions for many patients.

Dr. Fulmes Health Institute: The Perfect Blend of Traditional and Alternative Medicine

For over 30 years, Dr. Fulmes has refuted the highly polarized notion that only traditional or alternative medicine is acceptable for helping those dealing with rectal and colorectal diseases. In fact, his multiple decades of practice continue to prove that a combination of both approaches can and will help those suffering from the painful symptoms they experience. So what is so different about Dr. Fulmes Health Institute? The unique, individual approach to each patient’s challenges, combined with an integration of medical procedures and alternative methods, offers them holistic solutions for their health.

Truly, the services offered at Dr. Fulmes Health Institute offer revolutionary results for those seeking relief for their rectal and colorectal diseases. These services include the following:

  • Colorectal treatments

  • Colon and rectal surgery

  • Colonoscopy

  • Individual diet & exercise counseling

  • Ozone therapy

  • Colonics

  • Whole Body Vibration

  • IV Nutrition Therapy

  • Take-home vitamins, supplements, creams, and suppositories

Coming soon to Dr. Fulmes Health Institute is the health bar that will be staffed by medical professionals. With their help, patients will gain access to drinks and offerings that are most appropriate for their diagnosis and general health concerns.

A Painless, Modern Approach for Anal Fissures

When seeking therapy and medical help for their diagnosis, many patients are deeply concerned about the side effects that come along after each therapy session. It is this concern that keeps many individuals from turning to health professionals for help. Knowing this fear that troubles many patients, Dr. Fulmes was able to develop a noninvasive procedure that provides a permanent resolution of anal fissures, the leading problem most proctologists deal with on a daily basis.

An anal fissure is a small tear in the mucous membrane of the anal canal or rectum. It causes great discomfort and impacts the patient’s quality of life in a significant way. Many patients find themselves dealing with intense pain or bleeding after bowel movements, spasms, or swelling in the anal ring region. The symptoms surrounding anal fissures worsen if left untreated, making medical intervention a necessity.

The current golden standard used throughout the world for treating anal fissures is a procedure called sphincterotomy, which is an incision made to the sphincter muscle. Unfortunatley, this procedure can cause permanent stool or gas incontinence. Dr. Fulmes’ treatment for cases where conservative therapy is ineffective offers a permanent solution to anal fissures, eliminating the risk of incontinence. The method involves expanding the patient’s anal canal and, after taking into account the anatomy and physiology of the patient, a modification of the local inflammatory response is made

Dr. Fulmes has performed this procedure for the last 10 years, delivering successful outcomes for over 600 patients. Many patients refer to this procedure as magic. And what is the true beauty of this procedure? It is noninvasive, meaning it doesn’t require surgery, and is over in about 10 minutes at Dr. Fulmes’ office! Those who received this therapeutic treatment experienced pain relief that very same day. The inflammation, pain, and discomfort of anal fissures will all be a thing of the past when Dr. Fulmes’ method is involved in providing the care.

Are you suffering from an anal fissure or other rectal or colorectal issues? Contact Dr. Fulmes’ office today at (718) 743-4450 to learn more about the treatment options available to you. With integrative treatment options and the friendly office staff, you will be able to find the hope and relief for your symptoms that you desire.

Dr. Fulmes Health Institute branches are comfortably situated in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens:

372 Central Park West, Suite 1D, NYC

2343 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY

30-16 30th Drive, Astoria, NY

You can also learn more about Dr. Fulmes Health Institute by visiting their website or by following Dr. Fulmes on Instagram.

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